Human health is a complex phenomenon that requires for its operation the interaction of several factors simultaneously.

Thus, a healthy balanced diet is the basis of our health. But what does that mean a healthy diet? Some simple tips can enlighten you on this.

We must therefore eat a lot (at least 5 per day) of fruits and vegetables. It is best to buy organic is to say without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Avoid eating and snacking between meals and erase its dishes of fast food menu as well as too salty or too sweet food.

After food is smoking. It is of major importance to our health because it increases the risk of cancer, high blood pressure and accelerates aging of the skin. It is better to avoid smoking if you want to maintain a healthy vie.Faite treat you well and do not spend too with a good mutual tns if you are tns.

Alcohol is also a factor detrimental to health. Few people know that it is the second leading cause of cancer just after smoking.

A sport practiced regularly is a great way to preserve physical and mental health and prevent cardiovascular events.

And finally sleep. Its importance to health is immense while often underestimated. An adult human being should sleep at least 8 per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also important not to bed too late even if you can sleep longer the next day. For sleep between 23:00 and 7:00 ET more restful than 2:00 and 10:00 for example. Generally it is better to sleep sooner than later. Good sleep allows the body and mind to rest, perform cellular repairs and reduce stress.